Image of The Wolf of Haskell Hall


Image of The Wolf of Haskell Hall

Never one to refuse a challenge, American heiress Delilah Haskell Trent cannot resist the curious terms of her inheritance of Haskell Hall. According to the English solicitor, she must live at Haskell Hall for six months or everything will pass to distant male relatives.

Once she arrives, Delilah begins to feel the haunting call of the beautiful, yet desolate moors surrounding the Hall and cannot deny her strange attraction to her estate manager, Ian Griffith, who is as wild and provocative as the lonely moors he loves.

Curious as to the deaths of the previous heiresses, Delilah discovers an ancient family curse and a legend that leaves her fearing for her life, yet irrevocably drawn to the very man who is destined to bring about her demise. As her feelings for Ian prove stronger than her will to resist, she finds love in the arms of a gentle and sensitive man haunted by secrets darker than the moonlit moors. Will they fight for their love and escape the evil that stalks them both?

THE WOLF OF HASKELL HALL is a provocative tale that will draw you deeply into the dark secrets woven within the pages of this tantalizing gothic story. As Delilah and Ian battle the demons within and without, they hold fast to their love in the midst of adversity and prove again that love is the greatest ally against the forces of evil.

Colleen Shannons THE WOLF OF HASKELL HALL is an emotionally intense love story that will prey upon your senses and shatter all your illusions. VERY SENSUAL (Jan., 393 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor