There is no denying the power of fate in Jamison’s new ménage, as three shifter brothers find their salvation in their blistering desire for a feisty, fearless heroine. Their growing need drives a plot that crackles with tension and fierce hunger. While the power struggles between these werewolves and their adopted pack are inventive and the theme of second chances is a refreshing twist, a lack of emotional evolution keeps the characters shallow, and heavy use of exposition often breaks up the flow of the plot.

Caitlyn Miller has a good job as a dancing waitress and a group of faithful, supportive friends, but her love life is falling flat — until she sets eyes on werewolf Max Evans and his handsome brothers, Eddie and Shawn. Having lost their first mate, the Evans brothers have sworn off love and are focused on escaping their ruthless pack. From the moment she meets each brother, Caitlyn knows these are the men who are meant to be her mates. But will the brothers find a way to trust their instincts and save Caitlyn from their vicious pack leader? (SIREN PUBLISHING, Jan., dl., $5.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown