Image of The Wolf Prince (Princes of Symtaria)


Image of The Wolf Prince (Princes of Symtaria)

This is the story of the third alien shapeshifting prince from New Symtaria. Like his brothers, Surlock ends up on Earth and finds his soul mate in Texas. Although a light and amusing read, the plotline is so similar to the earlier books that some of the allure is lost.

Darcey is out for a walk at her parents’ country house in Texas when she sees first a wolf and then a naked man. She wallops the man with a heavy stick, and when he comes to he doesn’t remember anything except that his name is Surlock. Remorseful, Darcey puts him up in the guest house and tries out her private investigator skills to find out who he is. Surlock eventually remembers that he has a mission to protect someone. Rogue shapeshifters are on earth to kill mixed-race human/Symtarians. It turns out that Darcey, who was adopted as an infant, has a whole new set of realities to deal with. (BRAVA, Nov., 320 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan