Image of The Wolf Princess: One Eye Open


Image of The Wolf Princess: One Eye Open
THE WOLF PRINCESS (4) by Karen Whiddon: When Dr. Braden Streib comes to Teslinko to examine Princess Alisa in order to discover why she can go months without shifting and remain sane — something no other shifter can do — he also helps save her from an extremist group that sees her ability to remain human all the time as a threat and is determined to keep wolf shifter blood pure. Soon, the two must escape from the extremists to save Alisa’s life. An interesting storyline and plenty of action make for a fun read. Whiddon does a really nice job with descriptions — especially given Braden’s blindness, although it’s resolved a bit too quickly. Includes a reissue of Whiddon’s One Eye Open (Silhouette Intimate Moments, #1301).
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay