Image of Wolf River


Image of Wolf River

With her usual style and gift for characterization, the always great Gregory gives readers a tale of intense emotion spiced with the thrill of danger. Both protagonists are strong-willed survivors, so their head-butting is understandable. By adding a touch of the paranormal, Gregory puts extra-special zip into her romantic drama.

Famous children's author Erinn Winters ran away from her emotionally abusive father at 18, and now, following his death, she's desperate to find her missing half-sister, Devon. She finds her in the company of two shady characters in Wolf River, Mo., and Devon rejects Erinn. But what disturbs Erinn even more is the fear she sees in her sister. Determined not to leave without Devon, Erinn convinces rancher Jace Fortune to rent her his unused cabin.

Following a bad marriage, Jace is determined to avoid romance -- he's busy enough running the family holdings. However, that all changes once he gets a load of Erinn. But evil things are afoot in Wolf River, and the Fortune ranch seems to be a prime target. Adding to Erinn's concern is her fear that the men surrounding Devon are somehow involved. (BANTAM, May, 402 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith