Tracker Chance McCloud is hired by the Bryants to find their daughter, who was kidnapped by the Sioux a decade ago when she was 7. Chance can't pass up the money, since he knows where to find Teressa. He spent his formative years with his mother's people, the Lakota Sioux.

He finds that 17-year-old Teressa, or Winter Rain, is happy among the Sioux. However, he wastes no time broaching the subject of her past. Chance is very attracted to Rain, but knows he cannot touch her because, above all else, he is an honorable man.

When the camp is attacked by the Crow, the Sioux are taken captive. With cunning and bravery, Rain and Chance escape, and soon their attraction leads them to discover the suppressed passion they have been trying to fight. But there are still obstacles that doom their love.

Baker's portrayal of Native American life has made her a leader in this genre. The characters are beautifully created, although the plot has been done many times. It is the heritage and coming together of cultures and lovers that make this romance so special. SENSUAL (Jul., 345 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner