As a child Alys saved Moon Wolf and his sister from a life of bitterness. Now that she has returned to Fort Benton from school in the East she wonders what happened to the young Blackfoot warrior.

Things have changed much for Moon Wolf in the intervening years. These are dangerous times for his people and he has vowed to see the whiskey traders stop selling their poison to his people. As Wolf Shadow, he harasses the enemy, working alone to save the Blackfoot from the whiskey curse until he is wounded and once more, Alys comes to the rescue.

The years have not dimmed the feelings of compassion and admiration she had for Moon Wolf. Though he feels the same he will not relinquish his mission for Alys love. However, their mutual desire proves too much for them and they marry in a private Indian ceremony.

Just as determined as her husband to unmask the man behind the traders, Alys becomes Moon Wolfs spy in the fort, complete with a charade engagement to one of the young men. She has no idea of the danger they are in from those who will do anything to stop Wolf Shadow.

Like Cassie Edwards, Karen Kay writes traditional Indian romances based on actual historical incidents. Her respect and understanding for the plight of the Native American and her careful research shines on each page. The first book in her Legendary Warriors series, WOLF SHADOWS PROMISE gives Indian romance fans the guarantee of more intriguing heroes to read about in the future. SENSUAL (Jul., 357 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin