Image of Wolf Tales 9 (Wolf Tales (Aphrodisia))


Image of Wolf Tales 9 (Wolf Tales (Aphrodisia))

Although Douglas maintains her usual high standards for hot and varied chanku sex, the in-between scenes are repetitive, gushy emotion-fests that
only diehard fans of the series will be able to tolerate. Also missing is the intrigue/danger/mystery book-long subplot that's a trademark of the Wolf Tales series. One bright note: There's finally a chart at the beginning of the story to help readers keep tabs on which chanku are related (and which Wolf Tales book features whom)! Otherwise, it's a disappointment.

Tia is about to give birth to twins, and the entire chanku pack has arrived to help. To keep her mind off her labor, everyone stays up all night and tells their stories -- usually sexual -- and shares their troubled pasts. A last-minute emergency with one of the babies demands that all the werewolves channel their energy together to save the infant's life. (Aphrodisia, Jan., 288 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Rhomylly Forbes