When Ulrich Mason looks into the eyes of his wife's killer, Lucien Stone, he may change his future and that of his young daughter, Tia.

Ulrich, Tia and Lucien are all Chanku. Lucien doesn't know about his heritage, and as a young cop he inadvertently killed Ulrich's wife, thinking she was a wolf terrorizing children. In his role as caretaker of the Chanku, Ulrich must keep their small group safe. He also teaches Lucien about how to control the beast within and orders Lucien to look out for Tia.

Now an adult, Tia still doesn't know she's Chanku, even though she's experiencing explicit dreams, fantasies and unexplainable visions.

Lucien is attracted to her but feels they can't be mated until he does two things: tell her the circumstances of her mother's death and what she really is. Douglas' compelling story is coupled with a tension-filled conclusion. More Wolf Tales are to follow and, no doubt, will be just as titillating. (Jul., 304 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Leigh Rowling