Douglas treads the ropes of fire
and romance with her third tale of
big bad wolves. The sexual content
is explosive, with multiple sexual
partners of the opposite and same
sex. The emotions between the hero
and heroine are well placed, and
the plot offers a suspenseful and
entertaining book.

Shannon has never been one to limit herself to one partner when it comes to sex, but when sexually potent Jacob, a wolf in disguise, rescues her from a kidnapping, she is turned on like never before. While she tries to discover if he's the something missing from her life, his brooding eyes tell her there is more to this shape-shifter than meets the eye. His tale that she is also a wolf intrigues Shannon, and when she finds she can indeed sprout a tail and claws, she realizes he's the one man and wolf she can't live without. (aphrodisia, Jan., 256 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith