Image of Wolf Tales IV


Image of Wolf Tales IV

Douglas continues her tales of wolfish guys and gals with this intrigue-filled installment. The sexual scenes with mixed genders, multicultural mates and species are graphic but the emotions among all the parties are nicely developed and the descriptions are well done.

Lisa is trying to find out what or who is stealing wolves from the sanctuary where she works, but she's had no luck uncovering the culprit. When Tinker, a tall, dark and most assuredly handsome man shows up and helps her pick up roadkill for the wolves, she is entranced and enthralled with his desire to help. His pronouncement that he is Chanku and that she too has the wolf gene both frightens and excites Lisa. The sex between them is awesome. When his pack mates arrive to help after Lisa is tranquilized while in wolf form and held captive, their chemistry heats up. The emotions from all parties hit a high note, as does the hunt for a killer of wolves. (aphrodisia, Jul., 256 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith