Image of Wolf Tales


Image of Wolf Tales

This latest Wolf Tales installment is sure to please fans. It works well as a stand-alone book, but new readers of the series may be confused by the plethora of characters. The side-by-side stories of Ulrich and Bay are easy to follow; the sex scenes are steamy and full of variety; and the conclusion perfectly ties the parallel tales together. It's refreshing to have primary characters who are middle-aged and still sexy! Readers who like a lot of plot with their hot reads will be totally satisfied.

Ulrich thinks he may have finally found his perfect Chanku mate in Millie, a woman who oversees a wolf sanctuary in Utah. The problem is, Millie has no clue she's a werewolf. Ulrich must convince her to embrace her true self, and helping her reveal her biggest secret is only the beginning.

Meanwhile, Baylor has his hands full with Manda, a woman who partially shifted to wolf at age 12 and has been stuck between forms ever since. Bay and his pack must use all their skills to help her heal from the abuse she suffered as a child and fully enjoy her wolf and human bodies. (Aphrodisia, Jan., 256 pp., $12.95)
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Rhomylly Forbes