As Douglas continues her Chanku
saga, be warned: These are no ordinary canines. Their sizzling libidos know no bounds, and sexual encounters include multiple and/or same-sex partners,
even after they've been mated. Some may consider this an alluring aspect of the clan, but although well written, the Chanku form of sex magic doesn't quite suspend disbelief.

Eve doesn't know why she's run. Though she recently accepted her Chanku heritage, she's left her pack, and mate Adam, in Montana to return to her Florida hometown. Maybe she can finally lay the past to rest. While there, Eve meets up with her former foster sister, Mei, who may be Chanku as well. However, past trauma blocks Mei from embracing her other self. When Adam travels cross-country to claim Eve, he's accompanied by Oliver, who he once healed. Oliver sees in Mei a soul who'd benefit from Adam's healing ways -- and a sensual woman he'd like as a mate. (Aphrodisia, Jul., 256 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Bella March