Image of Wolf Tales VIII (Wolf Tales (Aphrodisia))


Image of Wolf Tales VIII (Wolf Tales (Aphrodisia))

Douglas has done it again. She delivers an abundance of hot Chanku sex, danger, intrigue and a happy ending or two. What's not to love? Fans of the series will adore the latest installment in the ongoing saga of the sexiest werewolves around. Newcomers may be a bit confused about the ever-growing number of characters. If Douglas has more Chanku stories to tell, a chart explaining who's who might be helpful. Overall, though, this is the best Wolf Tales so far!

The story picks up where Wolf Tales VII left off -- with the six newest Chanku/former street kids learning the ways of their new tribe. Half of them go to Anton's estate in Montana, where a threat from the past rises anew to destroy them all. The other half go to Millie's wolf sanctuary in Colorado, but one of the new wolves is more interested in accumulating power than in her new mate's happiness. (APHRODISIA, Jul., 256 pp., $12.95)
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Rhomylly Forbes