Image of Wolf Whisperer


Image of Wolf Whisperer

WOLF WHISPERER (4.5) by Karen Whiddon: When pack protector Mac Lamonda shows up on Kelly McKenzie’s doorstep to ask for her help in getting his twin children back from her family members, the wolf shapeshifter finds the timing to be a little suspicious, as her sister has just been abducted. But when the two are attacked before they even finish their conversation, and Kelly has to use her Tearlach ability to keep Mac safe, they quickly realize they may have been set up. Whiddon’s characters are excellently drawn. Mac’s alpha-male qualities are quite attractive, as are Kelly’s strengths and magical abilities, and it’s heartening to see a strong female character who can save her male without overpowering him. By the same token, Mac can accept getting rescued without being threatened by it. The mythology of the Tearlach wolf shapeshifters as more (and more magical) than “regular” wolf shifters is also novel and quite interesting.

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay