Image of Wolfishly Yours


Image of Wolfishly Yours

In this latest Westfield Wolves novel, Dare brings us into the world of Regency England where werewolves live discreetly among London’s high society. A wonderful mix of romance and humor, along with Liviana and Grayson’s sharp banter, makes this story absolutely delightful and appealing.

When Liviana Mayeux is sent by her father to her grandfather’s estate in London to learn how to act in polite society, the New Orleans lycan is miffed. But when she meets Grayson Hadley, a fellow lycan who is also being trained to tame the wolf within him, there are sparks at first sight. However, Liviana wants to return to America as soon as she can and tries to enlist Grayson to help her. Grayson plays along, determined to keep her from revealing their wolfish secret. (SOURCEBOOKS, Nov., 384 pp, $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates