To any reader who thinks they are burnt out on werewolf stories, think again. Book two in the Men of Passion series is definitely worth reading. It will hold paranormal fans' attention from start to finish and the ménage scenes are hot enough to spark a forest fire. This action-packed, hair-raising (no pun intended) tale is a bit on the short side, but it sure packs a punch.

Ten years ago, Samantha Chambers got lost wandering from her campsite and barely escaped a werewolf attack. Now Samantha is leaving her hometown in Oklahoma to return to the scene of the assault in Colorado in order to prove that werewolves exist. Samantha is once again put in danger when the same beast that attacked her a decade ago finds her again. Thankfully, she is rescued by werewolves Blake Branson and Victor Lassiter, and werecat Reed Hudson. The three males are in search of a mate that they can share forever and decide that Samantha is perfect for them. But if they can't keep her safe from the killer wolf tracking her down, then they will all be destroyed. (SIREN PUBLISHING, Oct., dl., $5.50) 

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi