Using the backdrop of the American Revolution as seen from the British viewpoint and adding intricate plotlines, intriguing characters, secrets
and a cliffhanger, Birdsell engages
the reader from beginning to end. She combines suspense and romance to perfection in a roller-coaster thriller.

Britain's spymaster, Ethan Gray, aka the Wolf, is hunting the traitor who's selling munitions to the Americans, but he can't complete the mission alone. He needs help from the Raven, Maris Winter.

Ethan had been her childhood hero, the man of her dreams. Though dreams change and girls grow up, Maris realizes that love remains. For his part Ethan hopes he can keep his focus on the mission and not the beautiful, courageous Maris.

From London's ballrooms to French ports, they uncover the association between the French government and the rebels and, more frightening, a connection between Ethan's aunt and a ruthless killer. Secrets, disguises, traitors, spies, assassins, a hidden box and undercover agents fly through the pages as Maris and Ethan are caught in a dangerous web of intrigue that leads to passion and a sequel. (Berkley Sensation, Oct., 304 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin