Seth MacGregor’s son and foretold savior of the Sithe takes more of a pivotal role in this third book in the Rebel Angels series. A typical teenager, Rory doesn’t have much patience for being coddled and protected and soon breaks through the Veil to meet orphan, Hannah Falconer. The two bring a spunky energy back to the series, even as deliciously evil Kate plans for more destruction than ever. Seth remains an anchor character; it is so rare to see a character grow (and grow up) so satisfyingly throughout a series, and the trend shows no signs of stopping with the new generation.

Years after the events in Bloodstone, Seth MacGregor has more responsibility than ever, especially protecting his dun and his son from the machinations of Queen Kate. Yet son Rory wreaks havoc when crossing the Veil, bringing back feisty outsider, Hannah Falconer. The ragtag bunch must navigate the Sithe world, which holds dangers in every corner with a raging civil war, betrayals and long-held grudges from within. (TOR, Jul., 429 pp., $24.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lindsey Galloway Senway