Evyind's only goal is to serve Thor and become a great Viking warrior, a Wolfskin, like his brother Eirik. At the behest of Eirik, Evyind befriends an awkward boy named Somerled, younger brother to Eirik's friend Ulf. When Ulf and Eirik convince the Jarl to let a small party of warriors and colonists search for a fabled island, Evyind and Somerled go too. Nessa is priestess and youngest daughter of King Engus, ruler of the island people. Her gods warn her of conflict between islanders and visitors, but King Engus gives the visitors land and friendship. When Ulf is mysteriously killed, Somerled takes charge, and the peace is broken. WOLFSKIN (3) is the first in Juliet Marillier's fantasy series about the Viking colonization of the Orkney Islands, where brutal savagery meets pastoral gentleness in a harrowing struggle for survival. (Jun., 496 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper