Image of The Wolven


Image of The Wolven

THE WOLVEN (4.5) by Deborah LeBlanc: After several New Orleans werewolves are murdered and left in their were state, Shauna MacDonald, keeper of the New Orleans wolven, and Danyon Stone, alpha of one of the city’s packs, must work together to find out who’s killing the wolves. They soon learn wolves are being murdered for the inherent power in their claws and fangs: once plucked, the claws and fangs can be ground into a powder that gives the taker the strength, speed, agility and heightened senses of a werewolf without the shifting. In tracking down the killer, Shauna and Danyon realize they work well together on a personal level as well. The Wolven seamlessly weaves a remarkably well-detailed mythology into the recent history of New Orleans. LeBlanc’s dialogue sparkles and the sexual chemistry between Shauna and Danyon is delicious.

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay