Image of Wolverton Blood (Wolverton Shifter)


Image of Wolverton Blood (Wolverton Shifter)

Williamson has done an excellent job creating her characters and developing her story, which is ultimately about finding a home and love. The action begins immediately and never stops, in part because Kane and Timber are strong protagonists who take control of the story from the start. There are plenty of sexual elements, but they're not used as filler; they're essential to the romance between the main characters.

Timber's life has never been normal or happy. Having lived in a series of foster homes, she finally learns she has family and moves to Wolverton, Mo. A shape-shifter who turns into a wolf, Timber discovers her family doesn't want her either.

Then she meets Kane. He's the leader of the pack and he wants her, but he doesn't like the way having her around upsets his life. Can they find a balance they can both enjoy while staying ahead of the sinister blood that lives in Wolverton? (Samhain, May, 248 pp., $13.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers