Image of A Woman Entangled (Blackshear Family, Book 3)


Image of A Woman Entangled (Blackshear Family, Book 3)

In the third of her Blackshear family series, Grant tackles class distinction and complex family dynamics in a wonderful sensual romance and witty tale in the style of Jane Austen. Most interesting to this reader is how Grant skillfully takes a shallow, immature heroine and develops her into a likable, admirable grown woman. Grant is a smart, innovative, clever writer.

Kate Westbrook longs for life among the ton — the life her barrister father left when he married her actress mother. Kate believes she can marry into society with the help of an influential aunt. Her beauty alone guarantees her attention. Nick Blackshear is her father’s protégé. Three years ago, a smitten Nick wanted to marry Kate, but a barrister was beneath her notice. Now, her father asks him to protect her from the rakes of the ton. There is no protecting her from the sparks of passion that explode between them. Estranged from his family, Nick fears scandal — but he fears losing Kate more. Can she forgo her dreams for love? (BANTAM, Jul., 300 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin