For the last three generations, the Sinclair women have struck out in romance. Lydia worries that her own marriage set the wrong example for her career-minded daughter. Susan, who got pregnant as a teen but didn't marry boyfriend Jon Laker, left Copper Creek, Michigan. While she managed to raise her daughter, Becca, and pursue a high powered career, her romance calendar remained empty.

At 22, Becca is faced with the same life-changing decision as her mother when she finds she is pregnant. When Becca arrives in Copper Creek, she is in for a shock. After years in a repressive marriage, the widowed Lydia has decided to spread her wings. Fearing for her grandmother's sanity, Becca frantically summons Susan home.

Becca's crisis forces Jon and Susan to collaborate and spend much more time together. Lydia and Becca suspect that the flame that burned so brightly years ago never completely died. Why else has neither of them ever married? Life is about to change for the Sinclair women—are they ready to face the future?

The power of self-discovery makes Jennifer Greene's novel all the more insightful and compelling. The relationships in this book are powerful, captivating and true. This is a book that will warm your heart. (Oct., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith