Image of Woman in Red


Image of Woman in Red

Goudge is a consummate storyteller, immediately engaging her reader in her latest, a tale of family heartache and lost love. The storyline is brought brilliantly to life as Goudge cleverly uses flashbacks to link the present day with events of 50 years ago.

Alice Kessler is returning to Gray's Island, the home she left after being convicted of attempted murder for trying to kill the drunk driver who killed her young son, David. Alice's other son, Jeremy, now a virtual stranger, is a teenager who wants nothing to do with her. And though she seems to be the town pariah, Alice opens a restaurant with the support of her sister, Denise.

When Jeremy is accused of rape, Alice enlists the help of her new friend, Colin McGinty, a lawyer who has past demons of his own. Colin has returned to the island to live in the house once owned by his grandfather, William. There Colin discovers a painting done by William. The subject of the artwork is Eleanor, Alice's grandmother. An unforgettable story unfolds of William and Eleanor, and a love that knows no boundaries. But will history repeat itself, or can Alice and Colin overcome their own personal obstacles to seek a future together? (Vanguard, Jun., 356 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick