Eliza Parrish has led a charmed life as the daughter of a wealthy ship's captain, but when her father dies and she is left penniless, Eliza finds herself rejected by her fianc's family, the Montgomerys, and then turned into their indentured servant. Now Eliza must accompany Philomena, their spoiled daughter, to England.

While on the high seas, their ship is overtaken by Capt. Jean Luc Gautier, a man bent on revenge against the Montgomerys. Jean Luc plans to kidnap the Montgomery daughter and hold her for ransom.

Philomena convinces Eliza to impersonate her and it is Eliza who Jean Luc imprisons in his cabin. Bartering for small favors, the delicate beauty manages to work her way into Jean Luc's affections, but she fears ever revealing her true identity.

When Philomena runs off with her lover, the family believes it is their daughter Jean Luc has and they plan to ransom her back. Jean Luc brings Eliza to his home where he will hold her until the ransom is met. There their true feelings for one another are revealed, but more disasters and problem arise before the truth can be told and Eliza is free to love.

A WOMAN'S HEART is filled with so many twists and turns that you are propelled through the story like a speeding cannon ball. The characters are fully developed and richly textured, and you feel you are with them every step of the way in this action-packed, passionate adventure. Rosalyn West has done it again with a book you won't want to end. SENSUAL (Apr., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Marilyn Dickmann