The residents of the small, quiet Irish town of Castlelough were used to their life of farming, close families and evening storytelling at the pub. They were ill-prepared for the intrusion of a Hollywood movie crew.

Nora Fitzpatrick is a caretaker; when her mother died, she came home to take care of her grandmother, father brother and two sisters. After her husband then passed, she added a young son to the list. Times are tough and taking in a member of the film crew could really help the family financially.

Quinn Gallagher writes horror stories, but the darkest demons lurk inside of himself. When his book became a movie, he traveled along as screenwriter and stayed with the very Irish and slightly strange Joyce/ Fitzpatrick family. Not a believer in love, Quinn fights the attraction he feels for Nora. But life and family loyalty have a way of throwing the two individuals together to examine their own deepest fears and desires.

JoAnn Ross masterfully paints a picture of a magical, mystical land. With delightful touches of Irish folk storytelling, Ms. Ross tells a tale delivering laughter, tears and so much joy. (July, 480 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson