Once a Southern belle, now a Civil War widow at 19, Bridget McQuarry must find a way to raise her son and her sister. They go to Primrose Creek in the Nevada Territory to claim an inheritance left by their grand- father, but homesteading is difficult and Bridget wonders if they will make it at all.

Out of the blue, Trace Qualtragh, Bridgets childhood friend, arrives claiming he will marry Bridget before the year is out. Bridget is furious and refuses to listen to his outrageous proposal.

But Trace is determined and stays to work on the land, becoming a thorn in Bridgets side. Only a near tragedy forces Bridget to open her heart to Trace.

The first book in Ms. Millers new series is a warmhearted, feel-good story of a stubborn couple who find their way to true love. The humor and Americana feel will satisfy readers who enjoyed the Springwater saga. SENSUAL (May, 300 pp., $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin