Linda Lael Miller brigs the Old West to life with her heartwarming touch, creating remarkable women, memorable heroes and tender love stories that touch your emotions. In her new series, she gifts us with charming stories of four women who find love in unlikely places.

Christy McQuarry and her sister Megan have spent the war years isolated from their family in England. With their mother dead, they return to America and find their Virginia home, friends and family gone. They must travel to Primrose Creek to claim their only inheritance: a run-down lodge.

Determined to never be poor, Christy plans to marry the wealthiest man in town, Jake Virgil, to give her sister a good education and a perfect life. There is only one problemlawman Zach Shaw.

There is an immediate and overwhelming attraction between Christy and Zach, but she refuses to allow love to interfere with her plans. But Zach will not give up easily.

CHRISTY is the kind of story you can hold close to your heart. Shes a woman caught between duty, honor and desire; something readers will easily identify with. Well be looking forward to the next book in the quartet, especially now that we are privy to a secret about the McQuarry cousins. SWEET (Jun., 161 pp., $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin