Return to Primrose Creek and the McQuarry women as Megan finally comes back home to begin a career as an actress.

Weary and a little lost, Megan hopes to find some peace amid the loving family she has missed. But with Bridget, Christy and Skye all married, and without land to support herself while trying to act, she doesnt have a home of her own.

Megan had sold her land to Webb Stratton. He had a fine ranch, but no love in his life to share it with. Then Megan steps off the train and he hires her as his housekeeper, which seems to solve both their problems.

Reuinted with her family and living on the land that was her grandfathers legacy makes Megan see whats of real value in lifehome, family, love and children, and makes her long for what she lost by running away.

Now Webb is forced to face his own past mistakes, as well as some new obstacles that will put his and Megans newfound love in jeopardy.

This is a wonderful Americana western, in which Ms. Miller ties up all the loose threads from the series within the pages of this tender, touching tale. Readers will surely miss Primrose and the marvelous McQuarrys and hate to bid Primrose Creek good-bye. Bravo, Ms. Miller, for delivering another delectable mini-series. SENSUAL (Aug., 290 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin