Linda Lael Miller continues her saga of the McQuarry women with the feisty tale of two strong-willed characters who meet head-on, hell-bent for a fight.

After Christy McQuarry jilted Jake Virgil at the alter, he swore off women, especially McQuarry women, but he needs the timber on Skye McQuarrys land to save his company. Skye has been in love with Jake for years, but she also loves the land and every tree on it. Her other passion is a beautiful wild stallion.

When Jake threatens both her trees and the stallion, Skye makes a devils bargain with Jake. She agrees to race against him; if she wins, she gets the horse, but if he wins, he gets to marry her.

Complicating the situation is the sudden arrival of Jakes young son, a child he never knew existed. Add to this the meddling McQuarry cousins who think Skye should throw the race and win Jake and you have the makings of another delightful, heartwarming Americana romance from a writer who instinctively knows how to capture the aura of the West.

With wonderful, memorable characters, a few surprising twists and the excitement caused by a fire, this battle-of-wills love story is a welcome addition to the Primrose saga and just the kind of feel-good book we need. SENSUAL (Jul., 150 pp., $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin