After a number of false starts, effervescent Zoey Enright has finally discovered a career in which she excels. There is nothing she likes better than talking and shopping, so being a hostess on the HomeMarketPlace TV network is a natural. Zoey's success relieves all her family, but especially her mother, successful author Delia Enright.

Delaney O'Connor, CEO of Connor Industries, knows a good business venture when he sees it, but also has ulterior motives for buying HMP TV. Delaney recognizes Zoey as one of the children who grew up with his racing driver grandson, Ben Pierce. The Enright family adopted both Maureen Pierce and her young son Ben at a time when they were estranged from Delaney. Maureen's untimely death from cancer was a blow from which Ben never recovered; he closed off his memories and contacts from that time, and refuses to face the past.

Ben's recent injury has pulled him off the racing circuit, so Delaney is able to convince him to temporarily take up running HMP. Delaney calculates that if Zoey is anything like her wonderful mother, Ben will eventually be forced to reestablish contact with the family he loved so.

As Ben and Zoey take their fist steps toward building a new relationship, Zoey is distracted by a fear of her own. Something is troubling her beloved mother Delia. What is the secret that is causing such pain? The revelation will change the Enright family forever.

WONDERFUL YOU is a much welcomed and vastly entertaining sequel to Ms. Stewart's earlier novel Devlin's Light. You can't help but be caught up in all the sorrows, joys and passion of this unforgettable family. (July, 432 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith