Image of The Woodcutter: A Novel


Image of The Woodcutter: A Novel

Hill again creates a tale that makes you want to devour it in great galloping bites. The story adds layers of tension and intrigue to an intricate, twisty plot. With intense, finely detailed characters and a subject that immediately grabs your attention, this will keep you riveted.

Wolf Hadda is living a fairy-tale life. Born a simple woodcutter’s son, he attained affluence and influence, and lives in his modern-day castle, married to his heart’s desire. And in one day, everything is ripped from him. He is convicted and imprisoned for a heinous crime. Aided by psychiatrist Alva Ozigbo, Wolf must use all his cunning and strength to piece together the puzzle of the past that entrapped him. But Alva is not sure if Wolf is seeking resolution, or revenge. (HARPER, Jul., 519 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
S.L. Rosania