Centered around a family curse, each of Wiesner’s pairings is loosely based on one of Grimm’s fairy tales. The four short stories are lackluster, lacking real heat and relying too much on the readers’ imagination to create the scene.

In “Moonlight Becomes You,” Lance Shaussegeny and his lover, Heather Rowe, cope with his family curse, their personal demons and their son, born of a one-night stand, who suffers from a mysterious illness. “Bewitched” centers on Glynnis Shaussegeny and her new paramour, Aric. They are madly in love, but Aric has no memories before showing up in Glynnis’ life. Now his forgotten past threatens to put them both in harm’s way. Gavin Shaussegeny is in hell in “One Night of Eternity,” doomed to repeat the worst night of his life until his wife Marnie forgives him for a terrible mistake. When he meets Tess Moore, Ransom Shaussegeny hopes she will see past the disfigurement wrought by his family curse in “Beauty Is the Beast.” (WHISKEY CREEK, Sep., 209 pp., $13.50)

Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Cooper