Alternating points of view help highlight the parallels between Kaylee and Sierra. Delicate topics are skillfully handled. Words, and their meanings, are key and the reader may improve their vocabulary along the way. This is an engaging story that reminds us that Jesus is the truth and pathway to freedom.

Kaylee Wren loves words, but after her mother leaves, the words “get stuck” and she loses her voice. Trapped with her mother’s abusive boyfriend, Kaylee feels she cannot leave in case her mother returns to get her. Sierra Dawn uses her art to embody her grief over her daughter’s death 12 years ago. She feels abandoned by God. When their paths cross, Sierra realizes that Kaylee has experienced significant trauma. Can Sierra gain Kaylee’s trust and help her regain her voice? (B&H, Feb., 366 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee