Image of Working Man (Kimani Romance)


Image of Working Man (Kimani Romance)
Running from a detrimental relationship, Dakota Phillips moves from Washington D.C., to Chicago. She arrives in Chicago and is promptly rear-ended, becomes victim to a construction company scam and gets locked out of her new home by Cha Cha, her cat. Nick Hunter isn't too upset when his niece hits Dakota's new vehicle -- especially after getting a look at Dakota. The ultimate "take charge" guy, he provides her with an interim home and works hard to win her heart. Melanie Schuster's wonderful gift for blending comedy, romance and lifelike characters is on display in Working Man (4.5). Watching this couple get to know one another is a real treat. The funniest character is Cha Cha, who facilitates the hero and heroine's happy ending.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims