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Image of A World She Doesn't Belong To


Image of A World She Doesn't Belong To

A WORLD SHE DOESN’T BELONG TO (3) by Natasha Tate: Money wouldn’t persuade teacher Laura Talbot to take her deceased twin’s place as wife to Kyros Spyridis, but the promise of a relationship with her nephew, Kyros’ son, would. Burned by his manipulative wife, Kyros questions whether Laura is truly as sweet and innocent as she seems. He’s determined to tease and provoke her until she sheds her outer shell and reveals the true woman beneath. Tate’s fast-paced tale gets off to a great start, but, unfortunately, the hero’s relationship with his son is an afterthought that distracts from the believability of this otherwise entertaining story.

Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Madan