Lady Sophie's brother, Nick Gentry, is one of London's most notorious gentlemen, but few know that he is also a great lover. Nick meets his match in Charlotte Howard when he's sent to find the errant girl and return her to her betrothed.

Unwilling to marry the man who blackmailed her family into "selling" her to him, Charlotte has become a lady's companion on a country estate, where Nick locates her. Instead of returning her to an unwanted marriage, Nick proposes he become her protector and her husband. Charlotte doesn't know that Nick is genuinely searching for a woman he can love. Nick opens her up to a world of sensuality and love she never knew existed, but her former betrothed becomes a powerful enemy.

A provocative romance told with heated words and feverish actions brings a high degree of sensuality to a wonderfully romantic love story. Kleypas knows what secrets lie in a woman's heart and is able to play upon them like a virtuoso. WORTH ANY PRICE verges on erotic romance, yet is so romantic that all readers will be enchanted and captivated by the spell Kleypas' casts. VERY SENSUAL (Feb., 400 pp., $7.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin