Image of Worth the Risk


Image of Worth the Risk
WORTH THE RISK (3) by Charlene Sands: Sammie Gold needs Jackson Worth’s help financing her new business, a boot boutique, after her ex-boyfriend skips town with a huge chunk of her capital. She doesn’t, however, expect to wind up in bed with the sexy rancher the night she meets him at a Vegas club. Fortunately, the pair agrees that what happened in Vegas will stay in Vegas and head back to Arizona to get the business going. After being disillusioned by his ex-fiancée, Jackson’s not the settling type, but he knows Sammie is that kind of girl. As the two try to strike up a friendship while ignoring the sparks, the combination of Sammie’s waffling, Jackson’s cavalier attitude and the entrance of a clichéd ex-gold digger girlfriend just don’t hold interest, despite the fine supporting cast and steamy sex.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper