Image of Wrangling Wes (The Browards of Montana)


Image of Wrangling Wes (The Browards of Montana)

Jacquelin Thomas: Actress’ assistant Lydia Emerson travels to Montana with instructions to get close to cowboy Wes Broward and his family. Buying a date with Wes at a charity auction allows Lydia to meet and fall for him. Though Wes is used to the attention he gets from women, what he really wants is to fall in love. Lydia captures his heart quickly and the two must decide if their love can survive different locales and backgrounds. While readers will be able to clearly see and visualize each location, from a hotel room to a ranch, the descriptions seem to come at the price of characterization as not enough depth is given to the characters’ motivations.

Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner