Spellbinding, thought-provoking, remarkable and a truly unique time-travel, WRAPPED IN WISHES is Olga Bicos at her best. Utilizing her talents for creating unforgettable characters and combining this with a riveting plot line and a masterful use of the theories and the mysteries of time-travel, Ms. Bicos has come up with a non-stop read destined to remain in your heart long after the end. Bravo!

Chloe Plum, seeing a therapist for insomnia, is put under hypnosis. While under, she takes possession of Constance Franklin's body at the time of her death in 1882.

As Constance, Chloe is drawn to Egyptologist-turned-ghost-hunter Harrison Conners. Driven to communicate with his dead brother, Harrison is trying to locate his brother's ghost when he finds Constance. When she witnesses a ghost, Harrison realizes that Constance has the power to contact the other side, perhaps even his brother.

Constance/Chloe learns much about Harrison and the others in Constance's life-all of whom parallel people in her own life. Even the untrustworthy Stedman, Harrison's enemy, is too much of a reminder of her ex-husband.

When she comes out of her trance, returning to present day New Orleans, Chloe tries to answer the questions from the past and meets Parker Stevens, a dead-ringer for Harrison and the cartoonist who created "Hauntings," a paranormal comic strip based on Harrison Conner's adventures.

Leaping back and forth in time, in and out of her hypnotic trances, Chloe/ Constance and Parker/Harrison must stop a madman from bringing his evil to the 20th century and, in doing so, discover a love for all time.

(Aug., 450 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin