When her groom, Jack Rutherford, is arrested on their wedding day for stealing antiquities, Diana is determined to save her pride and her family's reputation. She gets her chance when she abducts Jack.

The tables are turned when Jack plays a game of cat and mouse and takes Diana captive. Old passions flare and they become entangled in a joint venture to find Cleopatra and Marc Anthonys lost treasure.

Following a trail leading from the ruthless Ali Pasha's townhouse in London to Egypt, Jack and Diana are pulled into a maelstrom of wild experiences that rekindle their love.

They are able to put aside past betrayals until they are left to choose between the past and the future, sacrifice and redemption, loss or love.

Intricately plotted, compelling and sexy, WRITTEN IN THE STARS is a spectacular romance fulfilling Katherine ONeal's destiny to become a glittering star of the genre. VERY SENSUAL (Oct., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin