Image of Written on Your Skin


Image of Written on Your Skin

Spinning off from Bound by Your Touch, Duran's new title is mesmerizing as a world-weary spy and an outspoken American tangle with wits and words through a glorious, nonstop, action-packed, battle-of-wills romance.

It's to be Phinn Granvillle's last mission as a British spy in Hong Kong when he's poisoned and nursed back to health by Mina Masters, a wealthy American. Four years later Mina is in England, being forced into an unwanted marriage, when her mother disappears and Phinn is drawn back into the world of espionage.

The headstrong, clever Mina realizes her mother's disappearance has something to do with her ruthless stepfather's gun-running. She needs Phinn to find her mother and unmask a traitor. Their verbal cat-and-mouse game sizzles as the sexual tension rises to a fever pitch. Rushing from one hair-raising adventure to the next, searching for her mother and being hunted by nefarious villains, Phinn and Mina forge a powerful love and make an unstoppable team. (Pocket, Aug., 360 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin