Image of Wrong Dress, Right Guy (Kimani Romance)


Image of Wrong Dress, Right Guy (Kimani Romance)
Wrong Dress, Right Guy (4.5), by Shirley Hailstock, is packed with humor that enhances the romance and showcases the characters. When a wedding dress is delivered to meteorologist Cinnamon Scott's home in error, she can't resist trying it on. MacKenzie Grier hates weddings due to his mishap at the altar, but his sister has him running all of her errands for her big day. When he goes to his former home to pick up Allison's dress, he finds Cinnamon wearing it and explodes. Despite their resistance to one another, there's an attraction. It seems that the entire town is in the matchmaking business when Cinnamon is given a "free wedding" by the merchants as a publicity ploy. All she needs is a groom. Can MacKenzie overcome his reluctance to be with the woman he loves?
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims