Readers looking for a book that's just enjoyable will find it here, but those who want more meat on their platters may not be satisfied. The heroine is too prone to go off into daydreams, and some of the dialogue is too immature for the ear. A bit of suspense makes the novel interesting, but the love scenes are so tame that even a young teen could read them without a blush.

Lady Maud is fascinated by Lord Montrain, who's now her neighbor after an extended visit to America. The lord kidnaps her and then realizes she's the wrong lady. This does nothing for Maud's self-esteem; she's always felt lacking compared to her beautiful sister, Gwen. But something seems amiss with Gwen's attitude toward her latest suitor.

Maud tries to unravel that mystery as well as win a horse race in order to give her family money they need. The pursuit of a mysterious Frenchman and a Gypsy's dire prediction has Maud questioning her heart's ability to lead her to happiness. (Amber Quill, Aug. '06., 165 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith