Judge Grace Silva must retrieve her 15-year-old son, Lane, from an exclusive school in Mexico and bring him home to La Jolla, Calif. The school was the idea of Grace's ex-husband, Ted, and she didn't realize that Lane would be paying for Ted's behavior.

Summoned to the school, Grace learns that Lane is a hostage to to psychotic Mexican gang leader Hector Rivas Osuma and will die unless she delivers both Ted and his missing money to Osuma. With only two days to find Ted, Grace contacts someone she never thought she'd see again: Joe Faroe, who works for the secretive St. Kilda Consulting firm. With Lane's life at stake, Grace will do things she never dreamed herself capable of. Despite their past, Joe is the only man she trusts to help save her son.

Lowell delivers an incredibly gritty and heart-stopping suspense. Hard realities and desperate choices force her characters to undergo dramatic changes that elevate the story beyond standard fare. The romance is somewhat muted, but the intensity of the relationships is not. Lowell aces another one! (Jun., 320 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith