Veterinarian Devon Montgomery has a bad feeling about her mother Sally's romantic getaway with wealthy businessman Frederick Pierson. And she's right. He is murdered, the cabin they were staying in burns down and Sally disappears.

Although private eye Pete "Monty" Montgomery has been divorced from Sally for 15 years, it hasn't dampened his love, and the minute he hears about the dire situation, he comes running. After learning that Sally is alive and a witness to murder, Monty and Devon work to unlock the Pierson family secrets. Devon's undercover work is complicated by her attraction to one of Frederick's heirs, Blake. And there's danger. With this much money and power at stake, some people may be willing to do just about anything.

Not only does this super book have terrific suspense and a touch of romance, it also contains complicated family dynamics that add depth and richness. This is Kane's best book to date and a guaranteed winner! (Jan., 336 pp., $21.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith