Image of The Wrong Side of Dead (Sweet Justice)


Image of The Wrong Side of Dead (Sweet Justice)

While it's often difficult to imagine people capable of the horrific things we read about, fiction is often closer to the truth than we'd like it to be. Dane's characters seem to be written right from the headlines, and while it's disturbing to contemplate their histories, it gives us hope that everything and everyone will be all right. It gives us the power to fight for justice and to cheer those on, fictional or otherwise, who rally that fight. While there are many subplots that sometimes seem to be a bit tangled, this novel epitomizes that fist in the air -- the one that rallies the fight.

Jessie Becket is a bounty hunter with a horrible past. Kidnapped as a child and sexually assaulted for years, she now fights for justice. Not close with many, Jessie has two people she loves and trusts: her friend, Seth Harper, and Samantha Cooper, a police officer who often helps Jessie despite her unconventional methods.

Seth has vanished, leaving Jessie feeling hurt and betrayed. When he shows up, he's accused of a brutal murder. Jessie throws herself into proving Seth's innocence, but her detective work turns up some information about Seth that breaks her heart and puts her in grave danger. She must decide whether he's worth the risk -- and the heartbreak. (AVON, Nov., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton