Fast rising star Eileen Wilks returns with an outstanding second book in which an oil tycoon wakes up one morning in Las Vegas and finds himself married to THE WRONG WIFE (4H). Jilted by his high society fiancee, this sexy dude ends up at the altar with his best friend's free-spirited sister-a lady determined to make him see what has been under his nose all these years. Ms. Wilks demonstrates a wonderful versatility in voice, spicing a sizzling emotional intensity with the perfect dash of lilting laughter. A collectible, indeed.

Speaking of books that deserve a place on your bookshelf, don't miss Susan Carroll's PARKER AND GYPSY (4), a sizzling duel of hearts between a tough private eye and the beautiful psychic bookstore owner who hires him to locate the missing son of a local ghost. This cleverly plotted concoction glows with warmth as the captivating lovers find their way to the happy ending they so greatly deserve.

The always entertaining Barbara McCauley diverts us with THE NANNY AND THE RELUCTANT RANCHER (3). A lovely violin virtuoso decides to take a break from fame and experience the Wild West firsthand by taking a job as a nanny to a rugged rancher's wheelchair-bound daughter. Although the plot seems a little improbable, the combination of Ms. McCauley's appealing lovers, lively interplay and hot, hot passion is just the thing to brighten your day.

From the pen of the late Suzannah Davis comes DR. HOLT AND THE TEXAN (2). A sinfully sexy rodeo champion turns up in a Fort Worth emergency room run by a fiery-tempered lady from his past. Although the heroine's intransigence may ruffle reader feathers, Ms. Davis creates a yummy hero to win our hearts.

Elizabeth Bevarly continues her series about separated siblings with LUCY AND THE LONER (2). After a handsome fireman rescues her and her cat from a burning house, a lovely roofer vows to find some way to pay him back for saving her life. Although the heroine's behavior is initially discomfiting, readers will be happy to see her find new happiness as well as her long-lost twin brother.

It's time for CHANCY'S COWBOY (2), another "TEXAS" romance from the pen of Lass Small. The handsome new foreman of an isolated ranch tries to find a way to court the lovely protected innocent who inherits the spread after the death of her father. Although Ms. Small's unique writing style sometimes wanders far afield, this favorite storyteller knows how to entertain her faithful reader following.

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer