Image of A Wrongful Death (Barbara Holloway Novels)


Image of A Wrongful Death (Barbara Holloway Novels)

The latest in Wilhelm's Holloway series is wonderful. It mixes deft plotting and characterization with snappy dialogue and occasional doses of strong emotion. This is good stuff indeed.

While spending time alone near an Oregon beach, attorney Barbara Holloway has a lot to ponder: her future career and the possibility of a relationship with a man she cares about but fears she's wrong for. But these concerns are forgotten when Barbara encounters a young boy who leads her to his badly beaten mother. While Barbara summons help, the two vanish.

Back in Eugene, the police question Barbara, who's visited by Sarah Kurtz and her son, Terry, who believe the missing pair may be Terry's wife, Elizabeth, and son, Jason. Then Barbara gets a call from the missing woman, but she's killed before Barbara arrives at their arranged meeting. Or is she? If not, why is she so desperate to remain invisible and to protect her son? Barbara wants to know, and she intends to find out -- at any cost. (MIRA, Sep., 352 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer